Monthly Horoscopes: January

Monthly Horoscopes: January

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Dec 22 – Jan 19

2018 Intention: Rest then Persevere

Happy New Year, Capricorns! Celebrations manifest during your season, and there’s plenty to celebrate this year. Your hard work and dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed. You may have even inspired others with your drive. Constantly challenging yourself is one of your strengths and one of your weaknesses. Being hard on yourself helps you achieve your goals, but doesn’t allow much room for self appreciation. This month is all about taking a step back and mentally preparing yourself for the year ahead. Allow yourself to welcome creativity, even if its uncomfortable at first. It’s easy to sulk during this cold and dark Capricorn season, but in order to persevere through it sprinkle your days with energizing influences: flirting with a crush, friend dates, or self-indulgent adventure. It might take some meditation, cuddling with a pup, or your own form of restoration, but you’ll make it through this season with something to look back on and smile about.

Jan 20 – Feb 18

2018 Intention: Truthfully Express

Feeling a little guilty about all that delicious indulgent holiday food, Aquarius? It’s okay, that’s all in the past now. The full moon in Cancer on January 1st will allow you to observe what’s going on inside of you, helping you understand how exactly you can make this New Year the healthiest: mentally, physically, and emotionally. Uranus is your ruling planet, and it will be coming out of retrograde after it’s 6th month fog on January 2nd. This may mean you feel compelled to express a sudden truth. The best way to do this would be through a trusted listener, who will give your freedom the same respect you would give theirs.

Feb 19 – Mar 20

2018 Intention: Embrace Optimism

It may feel like life’s been pretty dreamy lately, Pisces. Your ideas are very close to manifesting, so it’s easy to be distracted by emotions and feelings. If your fears are telling you that reality controls your life more than you know it should, trust your powerful intuition and push through. If you pretend this dreamscape is a lucid dream in which everything works in your favor, it will be more likely to come to life. Keep pushing towards your goals, Pisces babe.

Mar 21 – April 19

2018 Intention: Listen Carefully

Watch your step, Aries! The few days before and after the full moon in Cancer will make you feel a few imbalances you may have not noticed before. Ignoring these imbalances will only cause you more distress, so it is best to deal with it as soon as it arises. The complexity of your emotions is surely something you’re aware of, so be conscious of these as you track down these variances. Your precision will come in handy here, especially as your ruling planet Mars drifts into Scorpio. This will cause your energy to be focused and strategic: just be weary of striking too early or off-target.

April 20 – May 20

2018 Intention: Trust the Process

Can you hear that, Taurus? Your quietness is one of your strengths, and it will be put into use this month. It is in this quiet that we find listening and understanding. You might find everything this month to be too loud: social media, people around you, the news. Remind yourself that these sources are unstable and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Trust your grounded nature to take some time to figure out how to respond in a way that your relationships benefit. If someone you care about is acting selfish this month, rest once again in the quiet that strengthens you. Give them your listening ears, and find a path that will work in both of your best interests.

May 21 – June 20

2018 Intention: Test your Limits

Do you have a minute, Gemini? We know your schedule is very busy with friend time, making money, your new yoga class, and romantic escapades… but it’s time for you to come back to the surface of reality. You don’t have to leave your flirtatious affair of amusement behind, but priorities are certainly important this month in order for your year to get off to a good start. Supporting a friend, secrets, and intimacy are all themes you should prioritize this month. Even if it seems to be a simple task at first, there may be more beneath the surface that you will have to piece together. Who knows, you might even enjoy solving the puzzle to the point of being thankful.

June 21 – July 22

2018 Intention: Nurture Creativity

Starting the year out with a full moon in Cancer has everyone feeling a little more emotionally vulnerable. This energy is familiar to you and could actually be put towards a focus if you wanted. Most people don’t have the emotional strength to care for themselves and others at the same time. So the real question is, where do you want to put this emotional focus towards this year? What feeling of yours is going to manifest physically? How will you express it, Moonchild? If you’re up to it, take an artistic risk or a bold move on a crush.

July 23 – Aug 22

2018 Intention: Let Passion be your Compass

You’ve got the personality, Lioness, and you definitely know how to use it. People react to you, usually with joy and appreciation, but you may be shocked to find anger being directed toward you this month. As long as you remember what is and isn’t in your control, all should stay balanced and in the positive receptibility of things. Observe what those around you need from you this month, and you’ll have no trouble inspiring them throughout the year in order to bring more positivity to both situations. If there’s something under your living room carpet, such as a family dispute or landlord conflict, this is the month to confront and solve those issues as long as it’s in the interest of everyone’s peace.

Aug 23 – Sept 22

2018 Intention: Trust in your Abilities

Sweet Virgo, we know that you might feel the need to step up and take charge this month. Especially when you see something going in the direction you know it shouldn’t be going. However, it is important to understand that taking a subtle and kind road to a leadership role is the way to go this month. Many people will have their emotions heightened around the beginning of the month due to the full moon in Cancer, so it is a brave move for you to move with thoughtfulness in your actions. Be attentive to your logic and if you notice a communication issue, try to shift your perspective. This month it would benefit your Virgo energy by journaling your thoughts or even creating a journal vlog of some kind.

Sept 23 – Oct 22

2018 Intention: Breathe and Evaluate

This new year may have started as if you stubbed your toe on the way in, Libra. It may seem like when you have finally found a plan that makes everyone happy, someone is in some way is displeased with the situation. Uncooperative friends or work relationships may distract you from your careful planning. Luckily, this should only be a phase at the beginning of this month. The rest of January should go more smoothly, with the exception of a few blips. Family and your closest friends are going to mean the most to you this year, especially through the bumps you’ll encounter along the way.

Oct 23 – Nov 21

2018 Intention: Meaningfully Connect

Dangerous, reckless, impulsive. Scorpio, your reputation may have some risk-taking tendencies. However, we know that since Jupiter entered your sign in October, the risk has taken a turn for a more meaningful reason than most. January should be filled with a risk-taking energy that inspires you to not only benefit yourself, but benefit those around you. This month will get busy and then even busier because of this – check the quality of your thoughts and make sure that your stress doesn’t interfere with those also checking into your thoughts.

Nov 22 – Dec 21

2018 Intention: Inspire Ourselves

Sagittarius, it seems you have been itching for the New Year more than any other sign. The freedom of a fresh start calls to you. Inspiration sweeps into your life and you’ll find yourself either chasing the action or hiding away to read a meaningful book this month. Stressing about money is a natural occurrence for you, but remember that you have a creative spark in you that will allow you think of inventive ways to get you back on your feet. Adventure, inspiration, and creativity are with you during this first month of 2018.


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