Gilmorism: How To Be A Feminist

Gilmorism: How To Be A Feminist

Aug 24, 2017 No Comment
  1. He can come knock on my door and open the car door for me. Feminism may be alive and well but that doesn’t mean chivalry has to be dead.


  1.  Rory is my academia spirit animal- if there even is such a thing.


  1. Lorelai showing us that recognizing your own beauty isn’t being conceited.


  1. Again, Emily Gilmore stating the obvious.


  1. Girls, just like anyone else, argue and it’s not always over a boy. There are more important things in this world that ignite passionate conversation.


  1. Yes, because it’s okay to get angry, and to cry, and to scream, and to laugh all at the same time.


  1. Not only is this the way we should raise our daughters, it’s the way we should encourage and support any human being. Also, this speech makes me cry every time I hear it.

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